How to Raise Happy Kids: 9 Simple Tips for Parents

 If you want to know the key to having happy children, you’ve come to the proper place!

As parents, all of us begin off with the higher of intentions. We aspire to be higher mothers and dads than our personal parents were, with plans to raise happy, confident, strong children who go off to do nice issues within the world. And whereas I’d argued that most of us are doing simply fine with our parenting skills thankyouverymuch, there’s always a brand new theory or approach to child-rearing that guarantees to assist us do higher by our kids.

Whether you’re the parent of toddlers, school-aged kids, tweens, or teens, we’re excited to present you how to raise happy kids that develop as a lot as be happy adults!

How to Raise Happy Kids

1) Be a positive role model

It’s no secret that our children watch our every move, so if you wish to know how to raise happy kids, it solely makes sense that you want to mannequin that behavior yourself. Of course, this goes above and past smiling, laughing, and having a positive mindset. It additionally means sharing your fears and failures with your child, showing her or him the way you use constructive criticism to higher yourself, changing negative self-talk with positive self-talk, and engaging in common self-care. Remember to be the change you want to see in your child, even when it pushes you outside your consolation zone.

2) Keep a daily gratitude list

Another nice tip for these that want to know how to raise happy kids is to get them into the behavior of writing down 3-5 issues they’re grateful for every day. If this isn’t one thing you’re already doing yourself, it can take some getting used to, however attempt to recollect that a daily gratitude list doesn’t have to be filled with huge and superior things. Things like a yummy household breakfast, a enjoyable playdate on the park, or a good mark on a school project are all nice ideas your child can include on his or her gratitude list. The idea is to present your kids to seek for the positives rather than the negatives.

If you’re looking for a guided gratitude journal, I extremely recommend The Five-Minute Journal. It’s a easy but extremely effective tool you can use to coach your mind to begin and finish every day with feelings of gratitude so that you can learn how to be a happy and positive person. It solely takes 5 minutes to full and it's additionally available for kids, so that you can buy a set for the entire household and make it a ritual you full together.

3) Assign age-appropriate chores

When I first began to consider assigning age appropriate chores to my very personal daughter, my preliminary fear was that it would have a negative impact on our relationship. I envisioned myself nagging and reminding her to full her responsibilities every day, and that the ensuing energy struggles would leave the two of us frustrated and irritable. This was the expertise I had with my very personal mother, however as I began researching chore charts and the advantages of rewarding kids for serving to out across the house, I realized that the issue with my very personal childhood had nothing to do with being given responsibility, and everything to do with the truth that my mother didn’t select age appropriate chores for me.

As it turns out, assigning your child household chores can actually strengthen your relationship. When you empower your child, give her or him extra accountability, and teach her or him important life skills, you concurrently present your child that you belief them and that they're a contributing a half of the family, which helps boost their self-esteem.

4) Teach self-control

Teaching children self-control is one of many most important issues a parent can do for his or her kids. Some research suggest that a child’s level of self-discipline at a younger age can predict how profitable – and happy – she or he will be later in life, and whereas some might argue against such findings, the facts stay the same: if you take the time to present your child methods for self-control now, you'll be setting her or him up for long-term success at school, work, in his or her private life, and beyond.

From managing impulsive behavior, resisting distractions, and studying the artwork of delayed gratification, to regulating feelings within the face of battle and feelings of discomfort, self-regulatory behavior is key to success in all areas of our lives. And since children with poor self-control have a tendency to exhibit extra behavioral points than their self-disciplined peers, teaching children self-control is extra important than parents might think.

We’re written an entire post about how to present kids self-control, which you can learn HERE.

5) Don’t expect perfection

As a lot as we want our children to excel and obtain nice things, there’s a fine balance between encouraging them and pushing them too far. There is nothing wrong with setting expectations for your child’s behavior and academic performance, however be sure they're aligned with his or her capabilities, remember to reward effort over results, and chorus from evaluating your little one to others.

6) Spend high quality time together

If you want to know how to raise happy kids, spending high quality time with them probably sounds like a no-brainer, and but that is an space the place many parents fall down. We live in a day and age the place we're inspired to over-schedule ourselves and our children as a lot as we can, leaving us feeling as if we have little to no time to attach with one another. But that’s actually not true!

Spending high quality time with your kids doesn’t want to be an Olympic event. You don’t want to pull out all of your board games, put a 1,500-piece puzzle together, or play dress-up so as to attach with your kids. There are tons of methods you can spend one-on-one time together, many of which take minimal time to setup and cost completely nothing. CLICK HERE for 25 ideas to encourage you!

7) Encourage common self-care

Taking care of our personal physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being can assist reduce emotional points like stress, anxiety, and depression in addition to the bodily reactions they create, leaving us with extra energy and motivation, and making us higher able to deal with the challenges life throws at us. There’s been an enormous shift in recent years when it involves encouraging self-care amongst adults, and it’s time we take it a step additional and teach these practices to our children so they develop up with a good balance in all areas of their lives.

8) Allow them to fail

Another nice tip for these that want to know how to raise happy kids is to permit them to make errors and assist them see the teachings they learn alongside the way. As tempting as it's to guard our children from failure, life isn’t perfect and it’s important our children really feel assured and comfortable placing themselves out there. We want our children to view setbacks as studying alternatives to assist them grow, develop, and transfer forward, and whereas it may be difficult watching our little ones fail, teaching them how to deal with adversity will serve them a lot higher within the lengthy run.

9) Celebrate emotions

My final tip to assist you learn how to raise happy kids is to present your kids about emotions, and celebrate them when they occur. There is no disgrace in feeling angry, sad, resentful, or jealous. These are regular human feelings that everybody experiences over and over again, and rather than punishing our children for feeling these things, we have to present them appropriate coping skills. CLICK HERE for extra information on how to present appropriate self-regulation to kids, collectively with some tremendous enjoyable zones of regulation activities!

If you’re attempting to determine how to raise happy kids, I hope these easy but efficient positive parenting tips show helpful to you. Remember to be a positive role model, to maintain your expectations in check, to spend high quality time collectively regularly, to permit your kids to contribute, and to assist them learn from their failures.


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