How To Start A Successful Shopify Side Hustle

Have you ever thought about beginning your personal on-line shop, however the considered shipping all of these merchandise appears way too daunting? Then this post about beginning a Shopify side hustle is solely for you.

Today Beck from is sharing her secrets and techniques from promoting over six-figures on Shopify.

Dropshipping on Shopify is a nice way to make cash from home and requires little funding to get started. I’ll flip it over to Beck so she can share all her epic Shopify tips with us!

If you want to begin your personal Shopify retailer you can try it free for 14 days here.

Why Start A Shopify Side Hustle?

A year ago, I discovered out about Shopify from an advert that includes a “Shopify guru” on YouTube whereas watching make-up tutorial videos. I had my very personal private YouTube channel the place I did make-up tutorials myself however wasn’t getting many viewers.

It was my dream of quitting my job and having the ability to remain home with my three-year-old son, Bryan. It was killing me having to work 8-5 every day and leave Bryan in daycare. There needed to be one other way!

While watching the ad, I thought that perhaps this might be the way I was looking for. This guru, named Kevin David, actually piqued my curiosity in dropshipping with Shopify, as I by no means heard of the idea before.

I had sold on Amazon FBA within the previous and nonetheless had items up for sale. With Amazon FBA, you have to spend lots of cash to purchase items to ship them to Amazon for fulfillment. However, with dropshipping, there is no upfront cost!

Kevin David was promoting a course within the ad, however I watched his movies on YouTube so I could see if he could assist me. The extra I watched the videos, I simply became sold on the idea of dropshipping and utilizing Shopify. I then bought his course for $997, some huge cash for me on the time, so I could learn a lot extra about how dropshipping with Shopify works.

He walked me through setting up my very personal retailer and the way to do Facebook ads to advertise my store. Then, I joined his Facebook group and met lots of friends who dropshipped as well and learned a lot extra about the business.

How a lot are you able to make promoting on Shopify?

It varies from month to month, relying on the merchandise I run Facebook ads on. I have to do market analysis utilizing instruments such as Jungle Scout and Nichescraper so as to discover winning products.

A winning product is your feature merchandise that will get people to your retailer by running ads that includes it on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Some months, I make $3k and others I could make as a lot as $9k. For the month of November, mostly due to Black Friday, I had made almost $6.5k.

The Shopify retailer is a side hustle, so I do nonetheless have a full-time job the place I make almost six-figures. My household is attempting to repay debt like our mortgage, so the Shopify retailer is available in handy. Nearly every cent I make on Shopify goes towards paying down the house mortgage! 🙂

How can I begin my Shopify side hustle?

It is so surprisingly easy! I wrote an article here on my weblog about the fundamentals however I plan to write one other article that's a full Shopify tutorial. It takes under an hour to get your basic Shopify retailer arrange and also you can use a free app called Oberlo to place merchandise automatically.

All you want to do is seek for what merchandise you want and import them to your store. Oberlo tells you when one thing is out of inventory and helps you fulfill orders as well. There are different apps that I use to assist in conversion such as a countdown timer on every product page.

How can I discover customers for my Shopify store?

What I do is run Facebook ads mostly that present a nice product image and a descriptive caption. If running ads on Pinterest, I will create a Pinterest pin that will have the product picture, name, and price.

With Instagram, I will both run ads or attain out to Instagram micro-influencers with a following of 5k or more. These people usually solely cost me under $100 to advertise my merchandise to their followers. You can additionally discover customers by running a weblog in your Shopify retailer because you can get 60% extra customers.

Make sure every merchandise is utilizing the correct SEO practices with wealthy key phrases sprinkled all through the product page. This permits you to get natural traffic after some time so that you don’t have to spend a lot running ads.

Another way to discover customers is thru your personal private social media accounts. Those people know you and belief you so usually tend to purchase!

What is dropshipping?

With dropshipping, you don’t have to purchase any items up entrance as they're kept in somebody else’s warehouse. This is very different from Amazon FBA the place you want $200-$500 to get started.

When a buyer buys from you, you place an order at a dropship provider who sends the merchandise on to the customer. A dropship provider will have warehouse costs and can promote you one of every item, not in bulk. Of course, if you purchase in bulk from a non-dropship provider than it will be cheaper for the products. You don’t have to dropship in any respect and simply purchase merchandise in bulk to ship your self at your home.

You by no means have to the contact the merchandise that you're selling. A good rule of thumb is to purchase one of every of the merchandise you plan on promoting and ship it to yourself. This way, you can take higher photos than what's supplied on the dropshipper’s website.

You can additionally see the standard of the merchandise and the shipping time. It is important to be honest to your customers about the shipping times. I use dropshippers in China fairly often, which can take a month to ship items.

A new technique I am beginning with my new retailer is solely shipping to the USA by utilizing a US dropshipper called Wonify. I won’t make as a lot revenue however my customers will get their items faster and be happier with my store.

How do I decide what to promote on Shopify?

I use Nichescraper and Jungle Scout to discover winning merchandise mostly. With these tools, you can see the best promoting items at different stores. You can then put the items by your self retailer and have religion that they will promote well after you implement ads.

This is higher than blindly placing up merchandise and hoping people will purchase them. You already know that these items are selling!

Another trick that I do is go to a competitor’s retailer (I can discover competitors on Nichescraper) and look at their Facebook page. At the sidebar, you can see the ads they're running so I will check them out. It tells you the size of time their advert had been running so that you can see if the merchandise has been profitable.

The extra time they're running the ad, the extra cash they're making! They wouldn’t run an advert so lengthy in the event that they made no money. Who would? I will then seek for the merchandise on Ali Express or Wonify and then use Oberlo to import it to my very personal store.

What tips do you have for somebody that desires to begin a Shopify store?

Above all, be patient! With your shop, you “set it and forget it” till a buyer wants an order fulfilled at a dropshipping site so it's good enterprise for a mom.

If you get too many orders, then use Upwork to discover VAs (Virtual Assistants) to assist you. They can cost from $5-$15 an hour so it isn’t too bad to make use of their services. You can then give these people an account in your Shopify retailer to allow them to begin utilizing Oberlo to get orders fulfilled quick for you.

For buyer support inquiries, the VAs could be given entry to your shop’s support email to reply questions. This leaves you extra time for your loved ones and doing the issues that you love. I plan to lastly quit my job if I could make $10k a month for six months straight. I certainly believe that's possible by studying and rising my retailer to a brand.

I then plan to promote my very personal designs such as jewellery like Kendra Scott does for her business. With Shopify, the possibilities are endless!

You don’t want any coding expertise because they supply beautiful free templates or paid ones. I discover it similar to having a WordPress weblog since it's so easy. I believe anybody can do it!

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