How to Look Different: 15 Ways to Change Your Look

New year, new you! If you’re feeling such as you want to refresh your look, there are tons of surprisingly easy methods to change up your appearance. From purging your closet to make room for new items, to altering up your hairstyle, brightening your smile and a lot more, you’re going to really feel as good as new. Ready to dive in? Here’s how to look different in 15 enjoyable and thrilling ways.

How to Look Different

1. Get a Haircut
A new haircut can completely transform your face, placing emphasis on different areas of your facial features. With a model new haircut, you can bring as little or as a lot change to your look as you want. If you have actually lengthy hair, a chop above your shoulders will make you look like a model new person, and if you don’t want to change up the size too much, including fresh layers can be simply as revitalizing.

2. Switch Up Your Glasses
If you put on glasses, one of many best methods to change your look is investing in a few new pairs to cycle through. Consider colour, thickness, form and materials and get a vary of styles that fit your face. This way, you can match your glasses to your outfit and alter up your look on the daily!

3. Energize Your Eyes
Have you been feeling like your eyes are looking drained and lack lustre? Energize them to give your self a rejuvenated look. Use a hydrating eye cream to decrease darkish circles and wrinkles and leave your pores and skin feeling and looking smooth. Top it off with an under eye concealer that’s one shade lighter than your pores and skin tone to brighten up your peepers.

4. Change Your Hair Colour
Feeling bored of your hair colour? Changing it up is the perfect way to transform your look. Talk to your hair stylist about colour, as they’ll be able to give you recommendation on which shade will be best for your complexion. If you’re not up for a full color transformation, consider lowlights or highlights for a feel-good refresh!

5. Brighten Your Smile
Has espresso and red wine made your smile rather much less white than you’d like? Brighten up your teeth to give your face a glistening new look. There are a variety of choices for teeth whitening, from whitening strips to charcoal powder to skilled teeth whitening treatments.

6. Experiment with Different Eyeliner Styles
Different eyeliner styles will give you a model new look every day, even when you’re utilizing the identical products. Switch from a daring liner to a cat eye, from a pure liner look to a retro, classic wing. If you’re feeling fancy, add some glitter or change up your eyeshadow color to one thing enjoyable and bright like an electrical blue.

7. Purge Your Closet
It can be hard for people to half with their clothes, particularly in the event that they maintain sentimental value. But if you haven’t worn one thing in a few seasons (or even years), it’s time to donate or get rid of it. Get rid of any excess, “trendy” items you know you won’t put on again, and that ought to leave you with classic items that you’ll put on for years to come. Start filling your closet with good high quality items and create the capsule wardrobe of your dreams.

8. Try the Dewy Skin Look
Dewy pores and skin makes you look younger and refreshed! Add a glowy dimension to your pores and skin with a liquid illuminator. Use it beneath your eyes, down your nostril and throughout your cheekbones for the final dewy look. Just make certain to mix within the highlighter so it doesn’t look streaky.

9. Invest in Gold, Dainty Jewelry
The gold, dainty jewellery look is in and it’s a nice way to raise your on a regular basis look. Think: stacked dainty rings, layered gold necklaces and dainty chain hyperlink bracelets. Solid gold is an investment, however will final forever, otherwise you can go for gold vermeil, which is a extra affordable option.

10. Try New Hairstyles
Are you somebody who always wears your hair down? Or styles it in a single particular way? Switch it up and check out new hairstyles for a refreshed look. Curl it, straighten it, braid it or put it in an updo. Whatever you typically do, do the reverse to change up your look.

11. Put in Extensions
If you have a brief cut, hair extensions are a nice way to change up your look. Adding in hair extensions will allow you to mess round with lots of various hairstyles you may not be able to with short hair. From over the shoulder waves to dutch braids and updos, the sky’s the restrict with hair extensions!

12. Elevate with Earrings
Earrings are a easy but efficient way to raise and alter up your look. You can go for daring assertion earrings that are vibrant and fun, or go extra subtle with cool gold hoops or pearl drop earrings. Either way, earrings are the perfect way to border your face.

13. Switch Up Your Lip Colour
Are you a die hard fan of your favorite lip colour? That’s all well and good, however there’s no hurt altering it up as soon as in a while. If your go-to is a bright red lip, embrace a nude lip shade or tinted lip gloss for a no-makeup make-up look. On the flip side, if you typically don the minimal lip, try a daring pop of color to change issues up.

14. Eyebrows
It’s amazing how a lot your eyebrows can change your face. They body your face in a way that may soften and balance your look, and they can add size and definition to your face. Bold thicker brows are in proper now, giving you the look of youthfulness. If you have skinny or sparse brows, fill them in with an eyebrow pomade for a extra full look.

15. Give Yourself a Glow
While fake tanner has beforehand gotten a bad rap, there are a variety of nice self tanning merchandise today you can use to give your self a gorgeous glow. These self tanning drops are actually easy to use. All you have to do is combine them into your moisturizer for a natural, solar kissed glow.

Ready to change up your look in a big way? Try a few of those ideas to refresh and transform your appearance!

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