10 Personal Finance Hacks That Will Make You Rich

 Follow these 10 monetary hacks and alter your life! These genius tips will assist you to save extra money, live a happy life, and safe your future! Start living the lifetime of your dreams!

When I was rising up, I met two very different women.

They were a half of my life and, amongst different things, they gave me two very different examples of how one can live your monetary life:

Old Lady

Old Lady had always lived a frugal life. She labored hard, she saved greater than she spent, she had a little black book in which she kept all her receipts and manually wrote and added up all her expenses. Old lady by no means looked like she was depriving herself and was always a actually proud and happy lady.

Since I was a child she always said to me: “Never throw away something that you can nonetheless use, and by no means spend greater than you earn!”. She by no means even had a mortgage and always paid for EVERYTHING in cash! She is now ninety and nonetheless lives a happy life to this day.

Young Lady

Young Lady had her personal enterprise and was a eager entrepreneur. She and her husband managed to create a worthwhile business, however she liked to spend. She liked it a lot that she often spent greater than she earned.

Young Lady had a pleasant car, costly clothes, she would go to the magnificence salon every week and spent hundreds of dollars on groceries, most of which ended up within the bin. But there was money, and everything was great! After years of this life and through a monetary crisis, Young Lady and her husband misplaced most of what they had. Her happiness was based on having stuff and spending money, and now that she couldn’t anymore she got depressed and tried to take her personal life.

I learned a lot from these two women in my life, and I think you know which one I took the inspiration from to begin studying extra about making money, saving money, and living a happy life!

10 Personal Finance Hacks

Here are some issues I learned about private finance:

1. Love a Budget!

I know, I know, most individuals say that budgets are boring! After all, lots of numbers on a spreadsheet…how a lot enjoyable can they be? But I LOVE tracking expenses!

You ought to check out my intentional budget system and you’ll begin to like budgeting too!

Without knowing how a lot you spend every month and the way a lot you have spent within the past; how are you able to look at planning your future? You don’t have to maintain track of how a lot you are spending each day. There are so many good apps that may assist you retain track of the place your money goes with only a few clicks. Some good ones to look into are WaveApps, Mint, and You Need A Budget.

If you have by no means recorded your expenses, I would suggest you look at your final three months of financial institution statements. Split the bills into categories, analyze what you spend, and see the place you could make cuts.

This is what my classes look like:

Fixed Expenses

  • Bills and Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • House Maintenance
  • Mortgage

Variable expenses

  • Shopping (Clothes, Books, Electronics)
  • Travel and Holidays
  • Entertainment
  • Groceries

Make a month-to-month plan of how a lot you'll spend in every category, based in your previous spending. Any enhancements you can make, stick to them!


2. Pay your self first

It’s payday! Yeah! So, what do you do? Let’s purchase some clothes, shoes and exit for dinner with friends!!! Yep…well, no! If you want to have sufficient money to live the lifetime of your dreams, that’s not the proper factor to do, unless of course, you want to spend the remainder of your life going from paycheck to paycheck till you are 65+.

What you do is: you pay your self first.

What does this even mean? Before you begin going off on a spending spree, decide what your goal is and put apart a predetermined amount. Once you have set your goal, transfer the money out of your present account.

You can:

  • Add it to your pension financial savings and make investments it
  • Invest it in your taxable account
  • Move it proper into a cash financial savings account

But, don't contact it, and transfer it away! If it’s not in your simply accessible account, it’ll be harder to spend! Then live off what’s left, and ignore the rest!

3. Stay out of Debt

Debt is a bad habit, when you get into it, it’s hard to get out of it.

As far as I am involved there are two types of debt:


I want a luxurious car, a brand new Louis Vuitton bag, a vacation I can’t afford and I have no money. Let’s get a mortgage for that or put them on my new sparkly credit score card! This is very, very bad debt. If you can’t afford it, you can’t have it! It’s so easy as that. If you want it badly, work harder for it! Get a brand new job that pays more, come up with a side hustle to make some extra money, or save a bit extra every month!


Debt is debt, and it’s by no means good, however there are some instances in which having debt could even have some monetary advantages in your future.

Student loans

With student loans, we have to be careful. There are people that pick the most costly path in historical previous for his or her research and spend the subsequent 15 years of their life getting out of debt. Try to pick a college you can afford, and keep your student loans to a minimum. I know for instance going to a college close to your home and staying at mum and dad’s home isn’t always an option, and it’s definitely not the most glamorous one, however you have to weigh your gains.

Ultimately, with a student loan, you are investing in your future, however you have to watch out and select one factor that will give you a return on funding both through a job that will bring you extra money or by studying one factor you love!


We all want a spot to live, and there are endless arguments about whether or not renting or shopping for is financially the higher option. There are strong arguments for both, however I additionally think it relies upon on the place you reside and what lifestyle you want. I love having my very personal space, and as a lot as I enjoy touring across the world, I really feel the necessity to come again home.

With the low curiosity rates, we have had for the previous 10 years, having a mortgage does appear to be a good way to leverage your money, as shopping for a home in money could be very hard for many of us. But always remember you have to purchase a home you can afford and don’t overstretch your budget! Do you actually want that beautiful 5 bedrooms, four bath home with a massive garden? Remember that a big home must be filled with a lot of stuff and also you want to warmth it within the winter and funky it within the summer.

A home is possibly the most costly factor you'll ever buy, so if you do it, do it wisely! Also, if you are investing in actual property and rental properties, you can offset the mortgage curiosity out of your profit, and leverage your capital.


You might want to become an entrepreneur and make investments in your personal business. You completely don’t have to make investments a fortune, and also you could even begin a enterprise for no money simply like the Rebel Business School teaches us, however investing a little bit of money strategically in your enterprise could bring you good returns and happiness!


4. Never use financial institution playing cards (unless they're repaid in full every month!)

I see financial institution playing cards as a virus of the twenty first century. Why would you spend money you don’t have to purchase stuff you can’t afford?

There is never, ever a good reason to make use of credit score cards, unless you repay them in full every month, and “use” them in intelligent methods to give you stuff again for free. Travel factors rewards are a fantastic instance of a intelligent way to make use of financial institution playing cards to your advantage.

But always repay them in full!

5. Spend lower than you earn

It doesn’t appear like a tough factor to learn, however I am always surprised when I see people within the workplace ready for payday with trepidation not because they can’t wait to see their balance going up, however because they can’t pay the rent, or purchase groceries, or pay their car loan.

Never ever spend greater than you earn.


6. Have your personal emergency fund

What would occur if you misplaced your job tomorrow? What if you had an accident and couldn’t work for a few months? If you want to relaxation easy at night and by no means really feel this monetary pressure every day, make sure you put apart your personal emergency fund.

I suggest having between six months to a year of living bills in an simply accessible account. You can, of course, begin with less, however I would suggest a minimal of three months to give you some safety and time to come up with a plan if something occurs and your earnings stop.

7. Set goal(s)

Saving for saving’s sake is boring! I’ve always been a good saver and seeing my account develop every month has always been a good sufficient reason to save, however it wasn’t till I began to set myself goals that I discovered an actual purpose and a strong motivation.

Good goals to have:

  • Saving for a holiday
  • Saving to purchase a house
  • Earn sufficient to leave your job
  • Save $10,000
  • Get to $100,000
  • Get to $1,000,000!

Whatever your goal is, big or small, make sure you have one. It will assist you track your progress and provides you one factor to obtain and strive for!

8. Start investing

If you want to live the lifetime of your dreams, investing your financial savings as quickly as you have any will assist you to get there a lot faster.

It took us a actually very lengthy time to decide how to make investments our money. We were always a bit scared of losing it and we thought about keeping it in a financial savings account was the most safe bet. It was not till we began investing and seeing the potential returns with passive income that we lastly realized how important having your money working for you is your path to financial freedom.

We split our investments in Index Tracking Funds and ETFs, however most of our investments are in Real Estate and Rental Properties (yes, it’s extra hassle and hands-on, however we do like to personal a tangible asset…for now).

Clever methods to make investments your money:

  • Index funds
  • ETFs
  • Real property (physical rental properties or peer-to-peer lending)

9. Track your net worth

How do you calculate your net worth and the way do you track it?

Your net worth is:

Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth

What are your assets?

  • Cash in financial institution accounts
  • Investment account value
  • Investment property value
  • Personal home worth (many people don’t include this of their net worth as you aren't actually making any money out of your home, however you are nonetheless saving rent and potentially constructing equity, so so far as I am concerned, it’s in!)

What are your liabilities?

  • Mortgages
  • Student loan
  • Car loan
  • Any different loan
  • Credit card balance

Knowing your net worth will give you an idea of your present monetary place and assist you measure your goals.

If you want an easy way to maintain track of your net worth, you're going to LOVE Personal Capital. You simply want to create a free account, and you’ll be able to handle your entire monetary life in a single place.

You can use Personal Capital to simply track your net worth, create a budget, handle your investments, plan for retirement and attain your goal faster!

10. Make extra money

The best way to save extra is, guess what?  Make extra money.

If your month-to-month spending is $3,000, and also you make $3,500 a month, you can try and live extra frugally and save a bit more. You can maybe reduce your spending to $2,800 however there's a restrict to how little you can live off (although that restrict could be bigger than you think).

But, if you managed to earn a bit more, let’s say one other $100-$200 a week, you could double your financial savings every month! But how? There are many methods to make a bit extra money, however don’t be fooled by the get wealthy fast schemes – making extra money requires work!

You could do a little bit of overtime every week in your present job, ask for a raise, take some extra skills and get a better-paid job or flip a hobby proper into a little business.

If you can put apart a few hours every day, there are great ways to make as a lot as $100 a day.

Are you prepared to lastly take management of your monetary life?

Follow these monetary hacks and you’ll be on track to begin living the lifetime of your dream!


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