Sweatcoin Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?


Can you actually receives a commission to walk?

The first time I heard about Sweatcoin I was intrigued!

I love walking, and it’s one thing I attempt to do each day. So when I discovered out that it was possible to make some extra money on the side by strolling outside, I actually desired to take a glance at this app.

Is Sweatcoin a scam?

Let me reassure you! Sweatcoin is not a scam. It’s completely legit, and yes, it’s true! You will get paid for walking. And I discovered myself taking much longer walks simply to earn a few extra bucks!

However, you'll not make hundreds of dollars a week with this app. Make sure you don’t set unrealistic expectations for how a lot you can make!

Depending in your month-to-month subscription, you can earn between 150 to 600 sweatcoins a month!

Sweatcoin Review: is it a rip-off or legit?

Let me reassure you on this! Sweatcoin is not a scam. It’s completely legit, and yes, it’s true! You will receives a commission for walking.

I love Sweatcoin since it helps you make some free money out of one thing you are already doing, and it encourages you to take extra exercise!

However, you'll not make hundreds of dollars a week with this app. Make sure you don’t set unrealistic expectations for how a lot you can make!

Try Sweatcoin Now! 

How does Sweatcoin work?

1. Download the app

First of all, you want to put in the app in your smartphone. You can download the app here, and in a few minutes, you'll be set to begin incomes sweatcoins.

2. Start walking

Once you’ve arrange the app, you can begin walking. You might want to let the app run inside the background and permit it to trace your steps.

Every time you walk, Sweatcoin will register what number of outdoor steps you take and reward you .95 sweatcoins each 1,000 steps.

This isn’t, of course, a mind-blowing amount, however when you retain the app running, each step provides up, and you’ll be able to get one of many offers in a few weeks!

3. Exchange cash for rewards

As quickly as you earn sufficient sweatcoins, you can exchange them for one of many many rewards you can discover inside the daily offers.

When Sweatcoin began out, it was mostly providing fitness-related products, however now you can discover restaurant discounts, vacation vouchers, and even get amazing costs like an iPhone, an Apple Watch, or a Samsung TV with 20,000 sweatcoins!

How many sweatcoins are you able to earn?

There are three methods to earn sweatcoins:

  • Make money for walking
  • Earn daily rewards
  • Invite friends rewards

Make money for walking

This is the main way to earn money with Sweatcoin. Just seize your phone, let the app run inside the background, and begin walking!

At the moment, there's a daily cap on what number of sweatcoins you can earn.

When you put in the app, you are automatically subscribed (for free) to the Mover Subscription.

This is the free level, and it permits you to earn as a lot as 5 sweatcoins per day (roughly 5,000 steps a day) and as a lot as 150 sweatcoins per month.

If you want to earn more, you want to maneuver as a lot as one of many paid subscriptions.


Cost: Free

This is the usual free subscription. You can earn as a lot as 5SWC (5,000 steps) per day.


Cost: 4.75 SWC/month

With the shaker subscription, you can earn as a lot as 10 SWC (10,000 steps) per day.


Cost: 20 SWC/month

With the quaker subscription, you can earn as a lot as 15 SWC (15,000 steps) per day.


Cost: 30 SWC/month

With the breaker subscription, you can earn as a lot as 20 SWC (20,000) per day.

Trouble Maker

Cost: $0.99 or equal in your currency

With the difficulty maker subscription, you can earn as a lot as 50 SWC per day, however you want to pay for the app.

After trying the shaker subscription for a month, I determined to maintain the free mover subscription. Even if I do over 10,000 throughout the weekends and a few days of the week, I discovered that, on average, I am higher off with the mover subscription.

Earn daily bonuses

Daily bonuses are one other enjoyable way so that you can earn sweatcoins, simply by watching ads inside the app.

To declare your daily bonus, go to the market screen, click on “Try your luck” under the daily bonus module, watch the short advert from begin to finish, and then, the wheel of fortune will spin. You can win prizes beginning from zero to 1000 Sweatcoins.

And you have three chances a day to try this out!

You can check your pockets to view the transaction and ensure you bought paid.

Invite friends

Sweatcoin currently offers a referral program. For each friend you refer, you can get 5 sweatcoins. The extra friends you refer, the extra rewards you can get!

How to spend your Sweatcoins: Sweatcoin offers

There are different types of offers with Sweatcoin:

  • Pay with sweatcoins
  • Digital offers
  • Physical products
  • Marathon offers
  • Bucket list
  • Sweatcoin for Good

Daily offers: pay with sweatcoins, digital offers, bodily products

I have to say since I began utilizing Sweatcoin a few months ago, I can see extra and extra offers added each day.

Sweatcoin has over 160 brands, and there are many issues you’ll be able to decide on from: restaurant vouchers, vacation vouchers, train clothes, jewelry, shaving products, and more.

Offers vary a lot in prices: you can get some for as little as four sweatcoins or as a lot as 1,500 sweatcoins!

Every day, after eight am, you’ll be capable of finding new offers on the app.

Marathon offers

Well, they're called marathon offers for a reason! It can take you a very very lengthy time to get them.

Marathon offers have some superior rewards that change all of the time.

A few examples:

  • A model new iPhone
  • Or Apple Watch
  • $1,000 in money paid via PayPal
  • $1,000 vacation voucher
  • Samsung TV

Just to call a few!

If you attempt to get these offers simply by walking, it will take you many years to save up for them. You want to be smart about it!

Sweatcoin lets you switch money between accounts. If you invite friends and mix your effort, you can add up your sweatcoins and earn these amazing rewards a lot faster!

Bucket List

Similar to marathon offers, bucket list offers are as quickly as in a lifetime experience.

Things like seeing the northern lights from a cozy igloo in Finland to eating on top of the Eiffel Tower. 

To get an offer on the bucket list, you want to earn 25,000 sweatcoins and over!

Sweatcoin for good

I loved it when Sweatcoin added the choice to donate your cash to charity.

It makes me want to make use of it even more.

You could make a distinction by staying match and contribute to serving to people and projects across the world.

You can examine a few of the success tales here.

Is Sweatcoin safe? Does it actually pay?

Even after studying all of this, you might nonetheless be questioning if sweatcoin is legit or a scam.

Will it actually pay you?

If you make investments a few months incomes sweatcoins with friends to get, for instance the $1,000 money reward with PayPal, will you actually obtain it?

I know you are probably nonetheless a bit skeptical, however I can guarantee you that sweatcoin is legit. I had the very same doubts as you the primary time I could money out $100.

But right here is the proof:

So yes, Sweatcoin is safe!

Sweatcoin Pro

  • Knowing that you earn sweatcoins when you stroll makes you progress more! It appears a bit silly, however simply having this app reminding you that you're paid for strolling helps to enhance your health level! A recent study that gave a monetary reward to employers that did extra bodily exercise confirmed that over half of the participants improved their train level!
  • If you use the app and share the sweatcoins you earn with household and friends, you can quickly seize some nice rewards!
  • The newest model of the app lets you track indoor steps too, with out the necessity to make use of your GPS location. You simply want to allow this option when you obtain the app.

Sweatcoin Cons

  • The app should always be running in your phone. If you swipe up or force quit, it stops monitoring your steps. Thankfully, it has a battery saver mode which it defaults to when you first obtain the app. Some people say it can drain the battery, however Dan and I use all of it of the time, and we have hardly noticed any distinction (on each iPhone and Android).
  • Some telephones automatically force Sweatcoin to present off to save battery. This means you want to recollect to open the app each time you walk.
  • If you have trouble monitoring steps with the app, buyer support can be slow to reply. 

Is Sweatcoin worth it?

Dan and I LOVE Sweatcoin. It’s definitely not going to make you rich, however we have a tendency to stroll outside extra since we began utilizing it.

As it doesn’t track your exercise inside, we discover ourselves having fun with longer walks or evaluating what number of sweatcoins we earned on the finish of each day.

It additionally lets you make some free money out of one thing you are already doing anyway. Therefore something you get is only a bonus!


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