How to Take a Good Selfie: 15 Tips Every Girl Needs to Know

Social media, and Instagram specifically, has become a main a half of our on a regular basis lives. We’re both scrolling our feeds or posting photos ourselves, and selfies became a big a half of the routine. Selfies can be tough to grasp at first. While it can really feel awkward taking a photograph of yourself, you’ll begin getting comfortable in entrance of the camera and getting insta-worthy shots of your face the extra you practice. Selfies can be a enjoyable way to spice up your self-esteem and provides your self some self-love on social media! If you need to learn how to take a good selfie, we’re letting you in on our greatest tips and tricks!

How to Take a Good Selfie

1. Make Sure You Have Good Lighting
Lighting is everything when it involves good photos, and selfies are no exception. When you’re taking a selfie, make certain to take it in pure light. Turn towards your window so the pure light hits your face, or higher but you can go outside! Good lighting could make your pores and skin look flawless and conceal your under eye bags and different imperfections.

2. Take Selfies within the Morning
The morning is prime selfie time because your make-up and hair are fresh! Your look is flawless since it hasn’t been affected by the heat, wind or different outdoor elements. Once you’ve done your hair and makeup, seize your camera or phone to get the perfect shot.

3. Tilt Your Head Forward and Up
This is a classic selfie pose since it actually works every time. Tilting your head barely ahead and up towards your camera is a nice angle for everyone. Extending your head away out of your neck makes your neck look longer and accentuates your jaw line.

4. Don’t Hold the Camera Too Close
Hold your camera about an arm’s size away, with a small bend in your elbow when you’re taking selfies. You don’t need to carry it too shut since it won’t be as flattering. Hold your phone a little bit above you as well. The downward angle is tremendous flattering and the photo will look much less intense than if you were holding it straight on.

5. Think About Your Background
Consider what’s behind you when you’re taking a selfie. The best selfies have interesting backgrounds (like you standing on the highest of a mountain you simply climbed), or actually easy ones. Make certain to look out for photo bombers within the back, too!

6. Find Your Best Side
Everyone has a “good side” of their face. Play round with different angles, moving your face from one side to the other. Get to know the angles of your face and place your camera to intensify your best features. You can camouflage options you’re not a fan of, and illuminate ones you want simply by fooling round with different angles!

7. Look and Feel Good
You’ll always be within the temper to take a selfie when you’re feeling and looking your best! Put in your favorite make-up (even if it’s minimal), do your hair simply the way you want it, and you’ll really feel extraordinarily assured and able to selfie away!

8. Don’t Force Your Smile
Selfies can be kind of awkward when you don’t know what to do with your face. Pursing your lips and smizing are popular selfie faces, however when you’re not comfortable with those, then go for a pure smile. Don’t force it or else you’ll discover your self looking tremendous awkward.

9. Take a Bunch of Selfies
You’ll rarely get the perfect selfie shot the first, second and even tenth time. Keep experimenting with different angles, lighting and facial expressions till you discover one you truly love! The extra choices you have, the higher luck you’ll have discovering the perfect selfie.

10. Don’t Over Edit
Adding a few filters and edits to your selfie can spruce it up, however make sure you don’t over-edit. You need to make sure you continue to look like your self – you don’t need your selfie to look unnatural. You could make little edits right here and there, however you’re naturally beautiful, so personal it!

11. Practice Makes Perfect
Like any type of photography, the extra you practice, the higher you’ll get. You may not love the way your selfies come out the primary few times you attempt to take one, however as you get extra comfortable in entrance of the camera and learn extra about your angles, you’ll become a selfie expert.

12. Hold Your Phone Slightly to the Side
It may appear such as you ought to maintain your phone directly in entrance of you to take a selfie, however it will come out higher if you maintain it barely to the side. You’ll get a flawless angle that will always make you look good.

13. Don’t Forget About Mirror Selfies
Selfies are sometimes face-on, however everybody loves a good mirror selfie from time to time. Mirror selfies are tremendous cute and work well if you wish to present off extra of your outfit! Try some cute poses and don’t forget to clear the room you’re in so it doesn’t look like a complete pigsty!

14. Throw on a Pair of Sunnies
If you’re new to selfies, you may really feel a bit camera shy at first. In this case, throw in your favorite pair of sunglasses. This way you solely have to pose your lips, and funky sunnies are the best way to make anybody look chic! This is ideal if you’re doing an outdoor or car selfie (when you’re within the passenger seat of course!).

15. Switch Things Up

There are some people that take the very same selfie every time. It’s one factor to know what angles works for you, however be certain to switch up your hair, makeup, faces, poses and background so it’s not the identical shot all of the time. Your selfies ought to illuminate who you are and all of the enjoyable issues you want to do!

Taking a good selfie takes some work, however when you get the hang of it, you’re certain to shine! Use these tricks to take gorgeous selfies and flaunt your self love on Instagram!

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