How To Get The Raise You Deserve And Really Increase Your Salary

 Ready for some superior hacks that’ll teach you how to lastly get the raise you deserve and lastly increase your salary? All of this, risk-free!

Asking for a raise isn’t actually a enjoyable expertise and can be fairly stressful. But you even have to recollect that it’s one of many simpler methods to make extra money for one thing you already do.

During the final 10 years, I’ve been each been an worker and a boss, taking care of a big team of people, and I know precisely what techniques you ought to be utilizing to get the raise you want!

Normally your group will budget for your wage increase on the start of the monetary year. With the common raise usually set round inflation (US wage budgets are projected to extend by an common of 3.5 percent in 2023), if you wish to get a bigger raise, you'll have to work flat out at it.

Since 2008, I averaged between a 15% pay increase year-on-year at my job (including some 20% jumps due to promotions). That’s as a lot as 5 times higher than average!

And no! You don’t have to maintain leaping from firm to firm to getting the raise you want.

How do I know?

Because I obtain that by staying within the identical company!

Was I lucky? Is my firm special?

Not really. I have many examples in my firm and different companies of individuals that got caught of their very personal salaries.

If you don’t want to be one of them, keep studying to discover out the best methods to get a raise and lastly increase your salary! I am going to share everything I learned with you!

The actual impact of not getting the raise you deserve

It’s easy to say: “My boss will simply give me a good pay raise,” “I can’t be bothered to fight for it,” “If I don’t get what I want, I might simply discover one thing to do on the side to make a bit extra money,” however do you actually know how a lot distinction an additional 10% a year could make within the lengthy term?

Let me current you two examples:

Paula and Kirsty each began to work within the identical firm on the identical time, with the identical salary: $40,000 a year.

Paula has always been proactive, labored as hard as she could, however knew her actual value, and was always ready to current her boss how a lot she achieved on the finish of every project.

She always spent a few hours preparing forward of her annual review to current her achievements to her boss, and between pay raises and promotions, she averaged a 13% increase, with three promotions, in which she managed to get a 20% pay raise.

YearRaise %Salary
Year 1 $40,000
Year 210%$44,000
Year 320%$52,800
Year 410%$58,080
Year 510%$63,888
Year 620%$76,666
Year 710%$84,332
Year 810%$92,765
Year 920%$111,318
Year 1010%$122,450
 Total earned$746,300

Kirsty has always labored as hard as Paula however was much less eager to current her boss her achievement. She was grateful to have her job, and as a lot as she desired to earn more, she was worried that she would upset her boss by asking for extra money. Plus, if she was actually worth extra money, her boss would simply pay her more, right?

She additionally wasn’t sure if she desired to tackle extra responsibilities…Therefore she by no means requested for a promotion. Her boss appeared fairly generous, always giving her a 3.5% raise, a bit over inflation.

And after 10 years she lastly got a promotion and a –she thought– nice 10% increase.

Happy days!

YearRaise %Salary
Year 1 $40,000
Year 23.5%$41,400
Year 33.5%$42,849
Year 43.5%$44,349
Year 53.5%$45,901
Year 63.5%$47,507
Year 73.5%$49,170
Year 810.0%$54,087
Year 93.5%$55,980
Year 103.5%$57,940
 Total earned$479,183

So each Paula and Kirsty began their profession making $40,000. They each labored hard, however Paula has made $746,300 and Kirsty solely $479,183.

A staggering $267,116 more!

WhoEarnings over 10 years

And why? Just because she knew what she was worth and wasn’t afraid to debate it with her boss!

So, cease worrying and prepare to get the raise you deserve!

How to get a raise and increase your salary

Of course, everybody can book a gathering with the boss and ask for a raise.

But if you actually want to get one, you have to formulate a strategy, educate yourself, be ready for what you'll say, and do all of the hard work forward of asking for it.

Dos & Don’ts

Here is a list of dos and don’ts you want to maintain in thoughts when asking for extra money.

1. Do: Always over-deliver

Before you stroll into your boss’ workplace saying, “I want a raise,” you want to ask your self if you deserve it. There is no level in placing your self in a stressful situation by asking for extra cash if you haven’t labored hard and exceeded your company’s expectations.

Ask your self the subsequent questions:

  • If you were your boss, would you be happy with the work you are doing?
  • Do you get issues done with out being reminded?
  • Do you always assist others and have a positive attitude?
  • Are you constantly studying by speaking to extra senior employees?
  • What are you bringing to the corporate that different people in your same place aren’t?

If you can confidently reply “yes” to most of these questions…what are you ready for?

It’s time to get that raise you deserve!

But if you don’t think you are your best self at work, why would your boss pay you more?

2. Do: Demonstrate your value

If you want to get a raise, you want to go above and past what you are anticipated to do and always tackle extra responsibilities.

During the year, ask your boss how one can excel in your job. Ask if there are any different duties you can tackle or if you can assist your co-workers with different projects. Understand your job and ask questions about how one can improve.

Doing your job and dealing a lot of hours isn’t sufficient to ensure you a raise.

Most people do that!

You want to illustrate how you’ve added worth to your team and organization. Identify the way you have created efficiencies or how your helped different members of the team. If possible, attempt to incorporate numbers.


“We estimated we would want 15 people for the job, however thanks to my group and administration skills, we accomplish the identical result at excessive requirements with 10 people saving the corporate $100,000.”

Don’t wait for your annual review to share your accomplishments. If you sit in your little nook with out sharing your wins, your boss won't ever know your actual value. Gently remind your boss of what you have done throughout the year and the way that motion has helped the company.

By the time you ask for a raise, your boss will have a way extra positive view of your worth and can be ready to give you a raise and possibly even a promotion!

3. Do your homework: how a lot to ask

One of the most important issues to know if you wish to get a raise is to discover out how a lot to ask for a raise.

This means you want to discover how a lot your market worth is.

This is the place issues get a bit interesting, and also you want to become a little bit of a detective.

The first port of name for that is usually doing industry analysis to discover out what people in similar positions are paid. You can use free instruments for this, like GlassDoor wage estimate tool.

But you have to recollect that these instruments don’t take into consideration:

  • The current market – is your job in demand proper now? Is there a big slow-down in your industry?
  • The particulars of the native market – how a lot are people actually paid in companies in your area?
  • Experience – how a lot expertise do you actually have in comparison with others in your company?

There is no level in looking at how a lot somebody will get paid in LA if you're employed in Toronto!

One person on my team, throughout her annual review, simply said to me:

“I’ve done my analysis and searched for people in a similar job as mine and I ought to be paid between $60,000 and $80,000.”

Now, the common wage for that place within the corporate was between $35,000 and $50,000, so, to this day, I nonetheless don’t know the place she got these figures from. All I desired to do was laughing in her face (of course, I didn’t! – I simply defined the actuality of the situation and gave her one thing extra realistic to work towards…). 

My tips for not ending up asking for one thing foolish are:
  • Ask the recruiter of the corporate what the wage vary is for your position. If you really feel uncomfortable asking in your company, get in contact with recruiters of comparable companies and ask for actual data. This is extra likely to give you one thing actual to work with. Something that it's possible so that you can to again up with your boss.
  • Be reasonable: it's improbable that your boss will agree to a pay raise over 5-10% unless you have done one thing outstanding, you are asking for a promotion, otherwise you are actually underpaid.
BONUS TIP: If you are underpaid, bring your analysis to your boss and the way you bought to that conclusion. I always attempt to pay people what they're worth, however even the fairer boss can sometimes overlook someone’s salary. Every time somebody stated their case with reason, I always did my best to get them what they deserved, as good employees are a worth to the corporate and hard to come by.

4. Don’t make the request about you and why you want it

Never ever inform your boss why you want a raise. The dialog ALWAYS must be about why you deserve it.

These are 2 real-life examples of requests I received:

“I put an offer on a brand new home and I want extra cash for the down-payment.”

What was going on in my head: “I actually don’t care if you are shopping for a home you cannot afford…You ought to simply take into consideration that earlier than you make an offer.”

“Regarding my raise, this was a decide that my partner and I talked about after examining our monetary place with our second child on the way…”

What was going on in my head: “If you can’t budget your life, I am not actually sure how you're going to be useful for the company. Also, I don’t think I care how a lot your partner wants you to make….”

I am sure I don’t have to inform you these guys didn’t get the raise they wanted…Your boss will solely consider giving you a raise based in your efficiency and what you have achieved for the company. They actually don’t care about your private life…shocker!

If solely I knew, I wouldn’t have requested for an additional $10,000 for my journey to the Galapagos subsequent year, lol!

5. Don’t level out different colleagues’ salaries, unless…

Never, ever, ever compare your self to somebody else.

Every time somebody talked about this to me, it by no means ended well!

If you actually want to get a raise, the dialog must be about you:

  • Your achievement
  • Your experience
  • The worth YOU bring to the company

Grace might be making extra cash than you, but:

  • Does she have extra experience?
  • Has she achieved one thing you aren't even conscious of?
  • Does she have skills you don’t have?

Specifically mentioning different people’s salaries makes you look grasping and somebody that gossips around.

I am not saying you shouldn’t use the information you have to your advantage. But it must be done the proper way.

Again, 2 real-life examples:


“I have been right here ages and Paul told me on the pub that he makes $10,000 greater than I do. I want to make as a lot as he does because we have the identical title!”

What was going on in my head: “Sure, why not? The problem is Paul has 5 years expertise greater than you do, he’s extra dependable and has simply delivered a project with out me having to get concerned in serving to him at all. How does that compare to your terrible efficiency this year?”


“I have labored actually hard since I’ve joined the company. I am very expert and organized, and though you are very supportive, I am very independent and always ship amazing work, particularly whereas engaged on the final two projects […]. Similar employees who do what I do within the corporate earn at least $10,000 greater than me. Is there a reason for that?

What was going on in my head: “She’s got a point, my mistake…Mmm, I am going to have to discover some cash to give her.”

6. Don’t ask for a raise in an email

It’s always a good suggestion to make your request personal. You will not be able to share all of your achievements and judge your manager’s response in an email. It’ll even be harder for your supervisor to shut the dialog too quickly with out evaluating what you are saying. It’s a lot simpler to dismiss your request in an email.

Asking for a gathering additionally shows your boss that you're serious about it.

If they're busy people (and most managers are), simply drop them a line to ask when they've a whereas to debate your performance.

When to ask for a raise: timing is everything!

You’ve made up your mind, you know precisely what you want, and also you are ready to go and get it!

But when ought to you do it? Believe it or not, there are good and bad times to ask for a raise!

Annual efficiency reviews

During your annual review, your boss is already evaluating your efficiency and the way a lot you are worth to the company. If you come prepared, you are extra likely to get a raise. Also, make sure you become familiar with the corporate standard practice. If they usually solely give a pay increase throughout annual reviews, you are unlikely to get it at any different time.

After finishing an important project or a big accomplishment

Have you simply delivered a big project on time and under budget? Have you made a big sale or signed a deal with a main client? Exploit your success, and also you might finish up within the perfect place to get the raise you wanted!

If the corporate is expanding

If your group has simply landed a big contract, is opening a brand new division or has extra work than usual, they’ll actually want your experience. You can assist coaching junior co-workers, handle a bigger project, bring in additional sales. Now it’s time to go for the money!

When your boss is in a good mood

People are solely humans, yes, even your boss! If you're going to ask for a raise, make sure you do that when your boss is not having a bad day. If you are conscious of the corporate being under a lot of pressure and your boss being nervous, simply wait for a few weeks till he/she appears happy and extra relaxed.

The best day and time to ask for a raise

According to psychologists, if you wish to ask for a raise, you ought to keep away from Mondays. Managers have a tendency to be extra stressed on a Monday whereas they attempt to catch up on what must occur that week.

Morning (after coffee) additionally appears to be higher than the afternoon.

According to the research, people have a tendency to be extra moral and make extra moral decisions within the morning.

Friday appears to be the best day of the week to ask for a raise, as your boss might be looking forward to the weekend. But don’t wait till it's too late within the day; otherwise, your supervisor might be already with his/her thoughts out of the workplace and won’t consider your request seriously.

So best time overall: Friday, mid-morning (11ish).

How to ask your boss for a raise

You are lastly within the assembly with your boss! The time has come to get the raise you always wanted.

But what ought to you say?

First of all, remember to remain positive and enthusiastic in any respect times. Start by saying what you have loved about your job final year and keep focused in your finish goal.

Always be clear throughout the conversation, and be confident! After all, you are right here for a reason.

1. Be prepared: share your achievements

Write down on a piece of paper all of the explanations why you deserve a raise. Be as particular as possible, bring numbers into the conversation. Describe the way you helped and trained different co-workers.

Remember, you have to illustrate your worth to the company.

2. Share your goals

Tell your boss what you would like to obtain within the approaching months and the way you plan to obtain it. Any plans to enhance the division efficiency and the way one can assist to get there and be a key participant within the company. There is no level in speaking about what the corporate could do higher if you aren't ready to assist get there.

Don’t expect your boss to have your profession path laid down for you. Take the initiative and let your boss know what you want to achieve.

3. Be specific

Ask for a particular number. You want to go in knowing precisely what you want. And again your quantity up with what you have discovered out throughout your research.

For example:

“I would such as you to consider a rise between $5,000 and $7,000. Based on what we discussed, and knowing that I am within the mid-range wage for my position, however I am acting at a senior level, I would love so that you can consider increasing my wage accordingly.”

4. Be committed

If you want to get the cash you deserve, you want to current you care about the company. If it looks like your boss is not going to give you what you want, NEVER give an ultimatum or threat to leave.

You want to current you are passionate about your work, committed, and loved facing new challenges in your newest projects. You want to give the impression you are in for the lengthy game, stick around, and contribute to the corporate with your skills. If your boss feels that you're ready to leave for an additional $5k and transfer someplace else, they’re unlikely to give you what you want.

5. Listen

After you made your case, take a deep breath and listen to your boss.

Really, listen.

Listen to suggestions and what he/she has to say. Be eager to learn from what your supervisor has to inform you about your performance, keep your emotion under control, and take your time to think earlier than you make any rushed decision.

6. Be patient

A decision for a raise could take days, even weeks. If the raise is above what was budgeted for, your boss will likely have to debate it with different people within the company, which could take some time.

What to do in case your boss says no

Wow, you’ve been through all this, and your boss says no?

Ask for feedback, discover out why you didn’t get the raise you wanted. Start a dialog about what it would take to get you to that wage level.

Find out why the corporate isn’t going to give you extra money:

  • Do you want extra experience? If so, in what areas and the way are you able to gain the additional experience?
  • You don’t have the skills? What do you want to do to get them?
  • Is there any different task you can tackle to get a raise?
  • Can you discuss a timeframe and what goals you want to attain to get there?
  • Budget is tight? If the corporate goes through a tough monetary time, ask when it would be a good time to debate your wage again.

Don’t leave till you know precisely how one can flip the no proper into a yes!

But also, settle for defeat. You now know the explanations and what you want to do to get there.

Please don’t be that annoying worker that retains attempting to get extra cash by wearing your boss down with none proof for an hour. If you are that person, cease it! Your boss hates speaking to you!

So, did you get a raise?

Remember, if you're a good employee, you are worth a lot to your company. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you are worth!

I hope these tips will assist you, as a lot as they helped me within the final 10 years!

Let me know if you bought a raise within the suggestions below! 


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