20 Things To Do with Kids in New York City

Certainly! New York City offers an abundance of activities for kids. Here's a list of 20 things to do with kids in NYC:

  1. Central Park: Explore playgrounds, rent a rowboat, visit the Central Park Zoo, or simply enjoy a picnic in this expansive green space.

  2. American Museum of Natural History: Discover dinosaur fossils, space exhibits, and interactive displays suitable for all ages.

  3. The Bronx Zoo: Spend a day observing animals from around the world and enjoy special exhibits and shows.

  4. Children's Museum of Manhattan: Engaging exhibits and hands-on activities make this museum a great place for kids to learn and play.

  5. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum: Explore a retired aircraft carrier with interactive exhibits featuring historic planes and spacecraft.

  6. The High Line: Walk along this elevated park built on a historic freight rail line, offering art installations, gardens, and scenic views.

  7. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: Take a ferry to see Lady Liberty up close and learn about immigration at Ellis Island.

  8. Broadway Shows for Kids: Catch a family-friendly Broadway performance such as "The Lion King," "Aladdin," or "Frozen."

  9. Coney Island: Enjoy amusement park rides, beach fun, and the famous boardwalk in Brooklyn.

  10. Museum of Mathematics: Engage in interactive exhibits that make math fun and accessible for children.

  11. New York Hall of Science: Hands-on science exhibits and workshops for curious young minds.

  12. The New York Aquarium: Explore marine life and exhibits showcasing aquatic creatures from around the world.

  13. Staten Island Ferry: Take a free ride on the ferry for a scenic view of the Statue of Liberty and the NYC skyline.

  14. Chelsea Piers: Participate in sports activities, including ice skating, rock climbing, and more.

  15. Dylan's Candy Bar: Visit this massive candy store offering treats from around the world.

  16. New York Botanical Garden: Explore the Children's Adventure Garden with interactive exhibits and nature-themed activities.

  17. The Met Cloisters: Discover medieval art, architecture, and gardens in this unique museum in Fort Tryon Park.

  18. Bronx Children's Museum: A cultural institution designed specifically for children, featuring interactive exhibits.

  19. Sony Wonder Technology Lab: Interactive technology exhibits and workshops for kids to explore.

  20. Explore Neighborhoods: Visit neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little Italy, and Greenwich Village to experience different cultures, foods, and unique attractions.

These activities provide a diverse range of experiences suitable for kids of various ages and interests in New York City.


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